Volunteering FAQ’s

Why volunteer?

This camp ministry can not function without the help of loving, dedicated  volunteers.  It is essential that you truly feel the call of God to serve as a volunteer.  Come with a heart to serve the Lord in ANY way you can.  God will fill your cup to overflowing!

What would I do as a volunteer?

A volunteer should be willing to help wherever there is a need.  Flexibility is the key! Volunteers are asked to help with the daily chores such as food prep, cooking, washing dishes, cleaning cabins, cleaning bath houses, upkeep of grounds, and light fix-it/construction projects. God may be sending you because you have skills for a specific need.  It is important that a volunteer is physically able to complete a day’s work.  You will also have the opportunity to interact and witness to hundreds of campers.

How do you define volunteer?

A volunteer is someone willing to serve at the camp for 3 weeks or more.  Less than three weeks of service would qualify as serving on a mission trip.

How long can I volunteer?

Volunteers are essential from June through mid August.  Give us a call to discuss the amount of time you’re able to serve.

What must I do to become a volunteer?

Please call the camp office or email us to request a Volunteer Packet.  We’d love to talk with you and answer any other questions you might have.


Please Note…


According to Federal Tax Laws, a volunteer cannot receive ANY compensation for their time of service. For this reason, we must ask that volunteers pay a small weekly fee for lodging and meals while serving at the camp.